Aircraft Part Supply


SİNERJİ works with one of the largest seal distributors in the world, offering a broad array of both OEM and PMA seals. With over 50,000 seals available for order, we are well stocked to meet your needs.

Standard Seals

  • Aerospace Standard (AS)
  • National Aerospace Standard (NAS)
  • Military Standard (M/MS)
  • Airbus Standard (ABS)
  • ASNA
  • NSA
  • Conical

Commercial Seals

  • Landing Gear Seals
  • Hydraulic Actuator Seals
  • PTFE (Teflon) Seals
  • Dynamic/Static Seals
  • Thrust Reverser Seals
  • Pneumatic Seals
  • Mechanical Face Seals

Lighting & Electrical

SİNERJİ works with one of the largest aviation lighting and electrical distributors in the world. Our commitment is to provide reliable, long lasting solutions with the highest quality. Wencor provides lighting and electrical solutions that conform to the aviation industry's most reliable and trusted standards – American National Standards (ANSI), Military Standard (M/MS), Airbus Standard (EN) – OEM lighting and electrical.

Sealed Beams

  • Landing Lights
  • Taxi Lights
  • Logo Lights
  • All Aircraft Platforms supported

Miniatures/Sub Miniatures

  • Reading Lights
  • Cockpit Dashboard Lighting
  • Interior and Exterior Cabin Emergency Lighting
  • Tail Lights

Fluorescent Lighting

  • Interior Cabin Lighting

Halogen Lighting

  • Wing-tip Lights
  • Navigation Lighting
  • Sealed Beams

LED Lighting

Safety Lighting

  • Emergency Flashlights
  • Photo Luminescent Floor Lighting Strips


Filtration is the process of removing impurities from fluids or gases. Clean fluids ensure the longevity and reliability of mechanical components, while clean air protects electrical equipment. The result? A healthier cabin environment and increased comfort for passengers.

Waste Separators

  • B737NG Waste Tank
  • B747/757/767/777
  • A320 and A330

Oil Filters

  • Component Oil Filters
  • APU Oil Filters
  • Engine Oil Filters

Hydraulic Filters

  • Hydraulic Filters that supporting all Boeing and Airbus platforms

Fuel Filters

  • Fuel Filters that supporting all Boeing and Airbus platforms

Air Filters

  • HEPA
  • Avionics Cooling
  • Lavatory
  • Pneumatic

Potable Water Filters

  • Carbon Block
  • Granular
  • Brass/Plastic Threads
  • Various water filter solutions based on your requirements for taste, odor, bacteria/virus removal and product life


Our goal is to have the hardware you need when you need it. The simplicity of hardware.


  • Hi-Loks
  • Cherry Rivets
  • Hydroloks
  • Caplugs
  • Engine Couplings
  • Fittings
  • Door Latches
  • Nutplates
  • Placards


  • Engine Mount Applications
  • Landing Gear Applications
  • Actuator Applications
  • Hydraulics Applications
  • Service Door Applications
  • Actuator Applications

Aircraft System PMA Support

  • SİNERJİ has been granted the authority to perform specified engineering, manufacturing, operations, airworthiness and maintenance functions on the FAA's behalf. Receiving the Organizational Design Authorization (ODA) from the FAA is a huge deal, allowing SINERJI to bring your PMA development projects to market faster and more cost efficiently.
  • Air Cycle Machine: The Air Cycle Machines and Cooling Turbines operate as a component of the refrigeration system to provide cooling air conditioning for the passenger cabin. In conjunction with the heat exchangers, air flow is cooled, filtered and returned to the cabin. SINERJI offers a variety of FAA-PMA replacement parts for Air Cycle Machines.
  • Air Trubine Starter: The Air Turbine Starter is attached to the engine accessory gearbox. Compressed air is provided to the air turbine starter from the APU or ground power units through an impeller to rotate reduction gears, provide output rotation and generate sufficient torque to accelerate the engine to starting speed. SINERJI offers a variety of FAA-PMA replacement parts for Air Turbine Starters.
  • Airframe: SINERJI offers a variety of Airframe related FAA-PMA parts for use in doors, fuselages and airframe structures, lighting, wings and windows. We also carry line replaceable items including filters and seals.
  • APU: The Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) is a gas turbine engine utilized to provide pneumatic power for main engine starting, pneumatic power for cabin air conditioning, and back-up electrical power via a generator. The APU is primarily used during taxi, take-off and landing. SINERJI offers a variety of FAA-PMA replacement parts for Auxiliary Power Units.
  • Avionics PMA: The term "Avionics" covers a broad range of applications including vertical and directional gyros, weather radar units, horizon indicators, and other navigation instruments found in the cockpit.
  • Business Aviation: SINERJI offers FAA-PMA replacement parts for a variety of business aviation aircraft including Citations, Learjets, King Air, Beechjet, Falcon, and Bombardier.
  • Fuel Systems: SINERJI has FAA-PMA parts available for Fuel Systems covering a variety of applications including main engine fuel pumps and controls and fuel boost pumps.
  • Hydraulics: SINERJI offers a variety of FAA-PMA replacement parts for engine and electric motor driven hydraulic pumps, power transfer units, hydraulic actuators and other hydraulic components.
  • IDGs, CSDs & Generators: A Constant Speed Drive (CSD) is a transmission which converts input from the engine accessory gearbox and generates a constant RPM output to an attached generator through a series of reduction gears. An Integrated Drive Generator (IDG) is a combination of both the transmission and generator in the same assembly, and converts input RPM from the engine assembly gearbox to generate a constant RPM in the generator. Both the CSD and IDG are responsible for creating constant frequency electrical energy for electrical systems in an aircraft.
  • Interiors: SINERJI offers a wide variety of Cabin Interior FAA-PMA replacement parts for Commercial aircraft. These PMAs are available for Passenger, Cockpit and Flight Attendant Seating, Overhead Bins, Lavatories, Galley Kitchens and other applications. SINERJI has a dedicated team of engineers that can develop various color and texture combinations of an Interior part to meet the unique needs of the aviation community. Our Design Team not only strives to develop a more cost effective replacement part, but we also focus on improving product reliability by addressing concerns related to original equipment performance, durability, installation and overall design.
  • Landing Gear, Wheels & Brakes: SINERJI offers a variety of FAA-PMA replacement parts for nose and main landing gear on most commercial, regional and general aviation aircraft. This includes wheel and brake bearings and seals.
  • Pneumatics: SINERJI offers an assortment of FAA-PMAs for use in pneumatic applications. These applications include but are not limited to pneumatic shut-off valves, bleed air valves, anti-ice valves, pressure regulating shut-off valves, starter valves and bleed air ballscrew actuators.
  • Thrust Reversers: SINERJI offers a variety of FAA-PMA parts in thrust reverser and cowl applications including thrust reverser ballscrew actuators, locking & non-locking actuators, seals and blocker doors.
  • Turbine Engines: A turbine is a machine that utilizes a wheel or rotor to produce continuous sustainable power, generated by the motion of water, steam gas, air or any other fluid. The flow of air or gas is strategically placed to drive rotating parts of the turbine to generate power. A turbine will always incorporate at least one moving part known as a rotor assembly, which is a long shaft with attached blades. SINERJI has an assortment of FAA-PMA parts available for Turbine Engines. These PMAs are available for the engine gas path, combustion chamber, compressor, engine accessory gearbox and other engine components.

What is a PMA?

A Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) is an FAA approved alternate replacement part for use in the maintenance of type-certificated aircraft, engines, accessories and propellers. The approval confers combined design, production, and installation authority in one document (the supplement).

History of PMA

PMA usage goes back approximately 60 years to World War II. With a large number of surplus military aircraft available after the war, several operators emerged to take advantage of these underutilized resources. Unfortunately most of the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) who manufactured aircraft parts during the war reverted back to their normal business operations - automobiles and appliances - making spare aircraft parts very difficult to find. To support this flourishing new market, the Federal Aviation Administration introduced PMA regulations to make aircraft replacement parts more readily available.

Three PMA Certification Processes (using FAA established processes and procedures)

  • Identicality with a license agreement: The OEM licenses a supplier to make the part and allows that supplier to sell directly to the aftermarket. The supplement is directly approved by the MIDO nd the part becomes available for sale using the same part number as the OEM part.
  • Identicality without a license agreement: In this method, a PMA company has access to the critical information (drawings, tooling etc.) to prove to the certifying regulatory authority that the company can manufacture an identical part to the OEM part, but this occurs without an agreement with the OEM.
  • Test and Computation (most common method): A PMA Specialist uses required analysis and test data to prove the part is equivalent to or better than the approved original OEM part.

Remember two things: 1) Both OEM and PMA suppliers adhere to the same rules, and 2) PMA parts are considered equivalent and interchangeable by the FAA and other certifying regulatory authorities.

Benefits of Using PMA

  • Significant savings over the equivalent OEM product
  • Extensive availability typically in stock with 24-hour shipping (even on older aircraft platforms)
  • Improved aircraft part reliability

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